The Face of Waiting

It’s Monday……for better or worse. I generally pick the latter as my view of this particular day of the week.

case of the mondays

Such a great movie…and right on point.

Getting back into the groove of work and trying to not look ahead longingly to Friday afternoon can sometimes be a tall order. A long list of voicemails and emails to respond to, staff issues to be resolved, conference calls to join, and regaining momentum for ongoing projects only helped to solidify my wish for it to be the weekend.

As I plodded through my morning, Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend” popped into my head. It was against my will, but I guess it was appropriate nonetheless. And because my brain can be an obnoxious bully sometimes, the song kept randomly reemerging throughout the day, like some kind of torturous Jack-in-the-box.

To be honest, my mind tends to be a little more warped than just my enjoyment of ridiculously bad 80’s music (A Flock of Seagulls anyone?), so the weirdness didn’t stop there. I ultimately made the connection from that song to Chris Farley’s SNL Chippendales skit.

Because, why not.

working for the weekend

This skit is 2nd only to motivational speaker Matt Foley, who, as you may remember, lives in a van down by the river.

I can only describe it as my subconscious making a tremendous effort to further distance me from the work week. But, that has been the state of my mind all day. Waiting for Friday afternoon.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Even well into this evening, my mind continued to fixate on the coming weekend. As I sought to avoid replying to a few work emails, I began to scroll through recent pictures on my laptop. That’s when I found it. Waiting. In all its glory.

Well, the face of waiting to be more precise.


Here my three year old sits, having been told that he must wait for everyone to gather around the table before he can continue decorating Valentine’s Day cookies. Unable to proceed at the moment, he’s exhibiting tremendous restraint, yet displaying irrefutable focus on the task that is to be completed.

This picture emerged before me as if conjured into being from my very thoughts, or from some warlock lurking nearby. I could only chuckle at it, this photo of waiting personified. And interestingly enough, I finally found myself not thinking about waiting for the first time today.


Office Space meme:
Chris Farley meme:

6 thoughts on “The Face of Waiting

    • Well, many apologies for that. I’ve been there too. lol But, on the bright side, we can act like we come from out of this world, leave the real one far behind.

      Wait. That song accomplishes that feat by its very nature I think.

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