Anyone Seen A Post Around Here?

There was one, I know it. Though I’m not sure where it’s gone.
I’ve checked the closet, the guest room, the attic; even out in the lawn.
I worry I won’t see it again. It’s such a frail thing.
Can anybody help me please? I’m hanging by a string.


I didn’t leave it at the bar; and was told to stop looking there.
911 said it’s no emergency, in defiance of my despair.
The police came to my house and issued me a citation,
They told me not to call again, and put me on probation.


The neighbors shake their heads, and the postman doesn’t have it.
It’s absent from my spam folder, and I don’t like this one bit.
It’s not at the bank, the Walgreens, the store.
I’m going mad and can take it no more.


So I’m resigned to sit here and weep bitterly,
The victim of some dark wizardry.
Could it be voodoo, a jinx, a malediction, a curse?
Or maybe something much, much worse?


Alas, the search is simply imagination,
And truly is the result of consternation.
That’s right, I saw my words up and vanish,
Making this hunt false, and merely outlandish.


But a few ideas have returned to me,
And I am quite pleased to see
A tiny, small glimmer of light,
As I sit and again start to write.




Ok, Shel Silverstein I’m not…but I figured this would be a light-hearted way to say that I think I’ve reemerged from the rock I’ve been under lately. And to those of you who emailed me to check on me, no I haven’t been trapped in my office’s restroom. I did have a “hiatus message” all written up, but awesomely, I didn’t check to make sure I posted the message…leaving it unhelpfully in my draft pile.

For some reason, be it work or just life in general, decent ideas for posts simply up and left me. I had a few drafts and a couple of ideas, but nothing I typed out seemed interesting or entertaining enough. The more I tried to think, the less I had, and the more frustrated I became. I had hit a period of stagnation, a funk, a doldrum. So I gave myself a break and tried to clear my mind in the hope that some brain functions would return.

Perhaps my absence is also from being completely despondent that Donald Trump actually has a chance to become the next President. I’ve done my research and have found that most people in Scandinavian countries are welcoming to former US citizens that decide to immigrate there. So I got that going for me…

But enough of this general talk. I  plan to pull myself out of my aforementioned rut and hopefully regale you with stories once again. I can’t promise that I’ll post something every day or at least every week, but I will try and make sure it’s a relatively worthwhile post. So I guess I’m back. That means you’ve been warned.






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3 thoughts on “Anyone Seen A Post Around Here?

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    • Yeah, I updated themes, widgets, analytics, et al and it seems several things went haywire with the re-customization…I even stopped getting notifications of other people’s postings even though notifications have been enabled. I’ve slowly shooing away the gremlins though…and will maybe think twice before trying to get creative again.

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