It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy, ’tis speak like a pirate day! Be sure t’ use some good scalawag speak durin’ yer natters.


Yo ho ho! I think today should really be a national holiday…imagine how epicly dorky that would be.


Hopefully you’re welcoming to the idea of interjecting some pirate lingo into your conversations today. Be silly with your friends, goof around with your classmates, act childish among your work colleagues*, embarrass your kids, annoy your spouse…the possibilities are almost endless!


Maybe you even went all-in and dressed up, eschewing societal norms and any semblance of self-respect. If so, good for you…good for you.

I actually set a reminder in my phone because (aside form being a nerd) I always forget it’s talk like a pirate day until about 9 at night…which always a very sad realization. I even started drafting this post last night, thinking that would help remind me, but of course I didn’t. So thank you phone reminder, yer a jolly bucko ‘n great shipmate.

Do you desperately want to participate and enjoy some nonsense, but suck at thinking of pirate words/phrases? Even simple attempts to talk like a pirate will be (should be) well-received by others if they have a good sense of humor. Here are some starters for you:

Beer: Grog

Cheat: Hornswaggle

Do you understand?: Savvy?

Drunk: Three sheets to the wind

Friend: Matey or bucko

Hello: Ahoy

Hooray: Yo ho ho

Mop: Swab

Non-sailor: Landlubber

Oh my: Shiver me timbers!

Pay attention: Avast

Put some effort into it: Heave-ho

Treasure: Booty or loot

Yes: Aye

Others of note:

Galley, yardarm, sea legs, barnacle, gangplank/walk the plank, fathom, buccaneer, pillage, and obviously poop deck.

And if that doesn’t get your creativity going and you need to cheat, here are some helpful websites to guide you along. Mind you, they’re not perfect, so you may have to make some changes here and there, but one of these should give you some quick translations:

Whatever route you go, be not a bilge-sucking seadog, else ye be wearin’ a hempen halter ‘n dacnin’ the hempen jig ‘n on yer way to Davey Jones’ Locker.


What? Don’t look at me that way…I’m just having some fun. No need to call the men in the white coats.




*Ahem, I don’t recommend using pirate speak when dealing with your boss or work clients since they may not be hip to the day. Hopefully they aren’t sticks in the mud though, and you’re able to fire away.






Pirate flag:

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